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Acute attack of chronic bronchitis and pneumonia, bronchiectatic disease, pneumosclerosis


At the beginning of acute attack the scheme is the same as in acute pneumonia.

  •  At the time of positive dynamics appearance the duration of trea"Neck ring" zone.tment in straight projection is decreased daily, while in other zones (reflexogenous, universal, zones of general regulatory treat­ment) the duration is increased.
  •  During every 4th session one of gynecologic zones is cer­tainly treated in women and lumbosacral zone or "million dollar" zone- in men. Treatment is performed in "MED" (or "Test"), then in "Therapy" 77Hz mode for 3-5 minutes. Energetic level should be minimal or com­fort.
  • Trigger zones and asymmetry zones are mandatory for treat­ment.
  • Average treatment course duration makes 8-12 days, ­depending on the achieved effect.