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Acute pneumonia (acute lungs inflammation)


Zone of pneumonic infiltrate projection (location is defined on the basis of chest roentgenography) according to the scheme of paired organs treatment. Treatment is performed in direct projection of pneumonic infiltrate using constant mode with comfort energetic level, duration of treatment from 3 to 10 minutes (de­pends on patient's age).

  •  "Fir-tree" zone.
  • Asymmetry zones (if present)
  • In necessity add jugular pit zone, Submaxillary zone, reflexogenous, ¬≠universal zones. "MED" (or "Test"), in necessity- "Therapy" 77Hz mode,
    comfort energetic level, time of treatment makes of treatment time in the first two zones.
    The effect of complex therapy is usually achieved by 7th-10th day of device use.