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  1. Treatment is performed in direct projection of the eyeballs on closed eyelid. The "palm rule" is adhered to. Comfort or maxi­mal energetic level.
  2. "Three paths" and "six points" zones. "MED" (or "Test") mode, search of asymmetry zones and their treatment in constant mode.
  3. "Neck ring" zone.
  4. Antiallergic zones:
    • zone of the 7th cervical vertebra; "Therapy" 77Hz mode, comfort energetic level, 6-10 minutes;
    • adrenal glands zone; "MED" mode, "Therapy" mode, alter¬≠nating energetic power, 6-10 minutes;
    • zone of direct projection of liver and pancreas; "Therapy" mode, minimal or comfort energetic level, 10-15 minutes.
  5. In acute process several sessions per day are performed.
  6. In acute attack of chronic pathologic process DENS-therapy is performed once daily. Treatment course lasts for 5-7 days.