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Deforming Arthrosis and Arthritis

  1. The most painful point is defined (during palpation, during motions; most patients find it themselves). This point is treated in "Therapy" mode, with maximal energetic level, until disappearance
    of pronounced painfulness. In migrating pain the device follows it.
  2. Within one session one pair of symmetric joints is treated (only knee joints, only elbow joints, etc.).
  3. Large joints (knee joints, hip joints, shoulder joints) are treated from three sides. Other joints from four sides.
  4. Within the first 3-4 days improvement of condition of one joints pair is achieved. Then another pair is treated.
  5. After elimination of acute pain the joints are treated by moving the device step by step along the limb from bottom to top.First healthy joint area is treated in "MED"  or "Test" mode, then the affected joint; "Therapy" mode, comfort energetic level.
  6. In elderly people joints may be treated in a day. In other days other main complain is treated (constipation, increased arterial pressure, gynecologic problems, cosmetology, etc.).
  7. The following zones must be included in the scheme of  treatment:
  8. No more than 3-4 zones are treated within one session.
  9. Every 3-4 sessions one of gynecologic zones is treated in women and scrotum zone in men. 
  10. During device treatment trigger zones are disclosed and treated in constant mode.
  11. After elimination of acute process treatment is performed once daily. Treatment course lasts for 14 to 30 days. In necessity 2 to 4 courses are performed per year.