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Delayed puberty, menstrual cycle disorders


DENS-therapy is indicated in delayed puberty (adolescence), infantile uterus, any menstrual cycle disorders in fertile age.

  1. In painful menstruation one session is sometimes enough.
  2. Treatment for complain is begun and the dynamics is fol­lowed up .Treatment is continued until com­plain disappears or constantly decreases.
  3. Search and treatment of asymmetry zones and trigger zones are performed.
  4. If the disorders persist in the following menstrual cycle, treat­ment is performed for complain and then by courses: 7 days before and 7 days after the menstruation in "MED" (or "Test") and "Therapy" 77Hz  modes with minimal and comfort energetic levels. Usually 1 to 3 courses are enough.
  5. Main treatment zones:
    • gynecologic zones;
    • central universal zones;
    • micro-correspondence zones;
    • in general vegetative symptoms — zone of large pudendal
    • treatment of any extragenital complain.
  6. Consultation of gynecologist and, in necessity, endocrinologist.