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Dermatitis, eczema and skin lesions in systemic diseases.


This group includes such diseases as atopic dermatitis, aller­gic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, neurodermite, eczema, psoriasis, skin lesions in sclerodermia, lupus erythematosus, etc.
An approximate scheme of device treatment is the following:

  1. Treatment of zone of direct projection of skin lesion foci ac­cording to the main principles.
  2. Treatment of "three paths" and "six points" zones in "MED" (or "Test") mode.
  3. Treatment of all the found trigger zones.
  4. Treatment of zones of direct projection of digestive organs is mandatory.
  5. Treatment of general regulatory influence zones, gyneco­logic zones and systemic effect strengthening zones is mandato­ry.

All the main principles and algorhythms of DENS-therapy remain valid, including the principle of sufficient minimum of treat­ment zones and treatment of any other complains.
Mean duration of treatment course depends on the degree of skin lesion and disease duration and makes on the average 10-14 days. Usually 3 to 6 courses are performed per year.
In psoriasis the effect is not achieved only in 3.5% of patients. Statistical data on device treatment of sclerodermia and lupus erythematosus are not sufficient. Very good results are achieved in neurodermite and allergic dermatitis.