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Diabetes mellitus without complications.


  1. Treatment of one of direct zones of pancreas projection see

in "Test" mode, minimal energetic level. More soft
effect is seen if zone of posterior projection of the pancreas is treatĀ­ed.

  1. Then zone of direct projection of the liver is treated. "Therapy"
    mode, minimal energetic level. Treatment duration is no more
    than of direct pancreas projection treatment.
  2. Segmentary ring zone at the level of direct pancreas projecĀ­tion.
  3. Universal zones.
  4. Search of asymmetry (trigger) zones, treatment of these zones in
    "Therapy" mode.
  5. Lumbosacral zone.

Treatment is performed once daily. Treatment course lasts from 14 days to 21 day.

Supporting device therapy comprises 3 to 5 courses per year, course duration from 3 to 5 days.