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Diseases of esophagus


In diseases of esophagus (pyrosis, esophageal dyskinesia, esophagitis, gastroesophageal reflux, esophageal ulcer, esoph­ageal diverticulum, etc.) the following scheme of apparatus treatment is used.

  1. "Neck ring" zone. Dozed mode, search of asymmetry zones,
    constant mode.
  2. Zone of direct projection of the stomach: located above the
    umbilicus on an area equal to the area of one patient's palm

Dozed, then constant mode, comfort energetic level, until
decrease or disappearance of the complain.

  1. "Two paths" zone (paravertebral) in the zone of thoracic part
    of the spine. Dozed mode, search of asymmetry zones, constant mode.
  2. In presence of indications, collar zone (taking into the con­
    sideration arterial pressure), metamerism zones, segmentary ring
    with the width of 2 patient's palm width, micro-correspondence
    zones and general regulatory influence zones are treated.
  3. No more than 3 zones should be treated during session.
  4. In case of acute attack of a chronic disease, after elimination ­
    of the main complain treatment is performed once daily for
    5-8 days.