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Dizziness associated with osteochondrosis of the cerviĀ­cal region of the spine
1. Volume of motions should be limited and no quick moveĀ­ments in the cervical region of the spine should be done.

2. Treatment zones:

  • collar zone taking into the consideration arterial pressure;
  • "neck ring" zone;
  • "six points" zone;
  • zones located in front of and behind the auricle; "Therapy" 77Hz mode, minimal or comfort energetic level, 2 minutes in each zone on both sides.

3. In necessity session is repeated in 1.5 hour.
Dizziness associated with cerebral vessels atherosclerosis

  1. "Three paths" and "six points" zones are treated. "MED" (or "Teast") mode, search of asymmetry zones and their treatment in "Therapy"mode with minimal energetic level.
  2. A course of treatment is performed for 10-14 days.
  3. Courses are repeated every 2 months.