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Fibrocystic mastopathy


  1. Consultations of gynecologist and oncologist are mandatory.
  2. It is necessary to undergo all the investigations prescribed by specialists (mammography, biopsy, etc.).
  3. It is necessary to rule out malignant neoplasm.
  4. Device' treatment is performed in diffuse mastopathy (pre­vailing of glandular, fibrous component) and cystic mastopathy without proliferation (based on the results of aspiration biopsy of the mammary gland tissue).

General recommendations: to exclude coffee, tea, give up smok­ing. Sunbath in direct sunlight and intensive sunbath, abortions and any physiotherapeutic procedures are contraindicated. Zone of di­rect projection of the mammary gland must not be treated!

Scheme of treatment: 7 days before and 7 days after menstru­ation.

Zones of treatment:
-universal zones, lumbosacral zone of segmentary ring zone on the level of the mammary glands;

-zone of direct projection of womb and ovaries, zones of Su-Jok correspondence.
Dozed and constant modes are used (by indications).
For example, for the first 3 days zone of direct projection of womb and ovaries is treated. On the 4th day — "three paths" zone and lumbosacral zone. On the 5th day — a part of segmentary ring zone on the level of the mammary glands (see 6.8) and "six points" zone, etc. The effect is usually achieved after 1 to 3 courses of apparatus treatment.
A repeated mammologist's consultation should be undertak­en not earlier than in 1 -2 months after the treatment is finished.