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Fibromyoma, endometriosis, ovarian cysts.


According to objective data (dynamic follow-up by gynecolo­gist, ultrasound monitoring of small pelvis organs, etc.) obtained by Therapeutic and Consulting Center of DENAS MS Corporation (Ekaterinburg), device treatment undoubtedly leads to posi­tive results in fibromyoma.
In fibromyomas with initial womb size up to 8-9 weeks of preg­nancy DENS-treatment first leads to disappearance of clinical manifestations and then to complete tumor regression.
In fibromyomas with initial womb size over 10-11 weeks of preg­nancy device treatment leads to improvement of general wom­an's condition, disappearance of clinical manifestations and de­crease of tumor size up to 4-6 weeks of pregnancy.
The standard therapy scheme is as follows.

  1. Consultation of gynecologist, oncologist.
  2. Fulfillment of prescribed investigations.
  3. Excluding of malignant neoplasm and establishing of com­plete diagnosis of fibromyoma.
  4. Device treatment is begun at patient's administration,
    then daily with a course of 7 days before and 7 days after menstru­ation, using "MED" (or "Test") and "Therapy" mode with minimal energetic lev­el.
    Session duration is 30-50 minutes. Course number is 2-3.
  5. Treatment zones:
    • "from umbilicus to pubis" zone;
    • lumbosacral zone;
    • "neck ring" zone;
    • universal zones, metamerism zones, segmentary zones;
    • asymmetry zones;
    • trigger zones;
    • for any complain presented beyond the main therapy course (acute respiratory infection, angina, callosity, osteochondrosis, etc.).
  6. Self-regulation of the patient's neurohumoral status takes place during treatment and for two months after it. Due to this,womb size may temporarily increase because of changes in its structure. It is desirable to undergo follow-up by a gynecologist acquainted with device treatment method. If such a specialist is not available, control ultrasound examination should be performed not earlier than 1 - 2 months after the end of treatment.

The method of device treatment in ovarian cysts and en­dometriosis is similar to that in fibromyomas.