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Gynecological zones


Main gynecologic zones

  1. Zone of direct projection of womb and ovaries.

  1. Zone "from umbilicus to pubis" embracing inguinal folds

  1. Lumbosacrococcygeal zone with certain treatment of the

  1. Michaelis' rhombus

  1. Metamerism zones (inner hips surfaces, outer crura surfaces, ­etc. — see instructions to the device and atlas of DENS-therapy).
  2. Segmentary ring zone at the level of direct projection of womb and ovaries.
  3. Asymmetry zones.

Additional zones

  1. Collar zone (taking into consideration arterial pressure).
  2. "Neck ring" zone.
  3. Zone of direct liver projection.
  4. Perineal zone (from pubis to anus).
  5. Universal zones.
  6. Zone of large pudendal lips (in pronounced vegetative reac­tions).
  7. Zones of Su-Jok correspondence.

Additional zones are used in acute and chronic gynecologic diseases. In any chronic genital pathology, metabolic diseases treatment of one of chosen zones is included in the scheme of device treatment every 4 days. "MED" (or "Test") and "Therapy" 77Hz  modes are used (according to indications). Energetic level and treatment ex­posure depend on indications.