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DENS-therapy is indicated in decrease of libido (feeling of de­sire) and orgasmic sensations completeness, etc. In fatigue, uncertainty, neuroses a 100% success is achieved independently of the patient's age.

By working on 3 levels- bio-chemical, bio-energetic and informational- DENAS/DiaDENS are stimulating the release of neuropeptides, thus generating natural healing hormones, clear and regulate neuro- and energy pathways and thus in the natural way enhance the regenerative capacity of the body in 2-4 times.

The treatment method as following:

  1. Lumbosacrococcygeal zone is treated (including buttocks).
    "Therapy" mode, 77 Hz, comfort energetic level for 10- 15 min. The use of applicator is recommended.
  2. "One million dollar" (direct projection of prostate, located between scrotum and anus) zone. "Therapy" mode, minimal or com­fort energetic level.
  3. Scrotum zone. "Therapy" mode, 77 Hz, minimal or com­fort
    energetic level for 3- 5 min.
  4. Penis (back, lateral and front surfaces). "Therapy"  mode, the
    device is moved from the root of penis towards glans penis,
    with a 1-2 minutes delay in the region of frenulum located on the
    inferior surface of glans penis. Minimal or comfort energetic level.
  5. Universal central and peripheral zones (by indications). Therapy mode, 77 Hz, 3-5 min.

Session lasts until effect (usually 15-45 min before bedtime or as needed).

Course treatment is 2-3 weeks. Also, see specific frequency application in DiaDENS- PCM Instruction.