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Infantile cerebral paralysis.


  1. Infantile cerebral paralysis manifests by combination of var­ious clinical symptoms, that is why there is no universal scheme of device treatment.
  2. The quality of life of children after DENS-therapy sessions always improves.
  3. The earlier device treatment begins, the quicker effect is achieved.
  4. If the patient has convulsions in anamnesis, in some cases they may reoccur for a short time (once or twice) and then disappear ­ forever. Child's parents should be warned about it beforehand.
  5. Treatment is performed once daily. Treatment course lasts 2-3 weeks. Within a year 3 to 5 courses are performed, for a long time.
  6. Main treatment zones are defined by clinical symptoms. For example, "three paths", "six points", lumbosacral zone, collar zone; principles of symmetry are adhered to; treatment zones are cho­sen depending on muscles tonus lesions, etc.
  7. Any other complains may be treated.