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Infection diseases of skin and subcutaneous fat.


  1. In acute inflammatory processes (erysipelas, panaris, furun­cle, carbuncle, abscess, etc.) treatment begins with zone in direct projection of complain. Then — see Lymphatic outflow disturbances, Non-specific lymphadenitis and Lymphangitis.
    At first day DENS-therapy  sessions may be per­formed several times with an interval of 1.5 hour until positive ef­fect.
  2. In recurrent furunculous, panaris, etc. the following zones are included in the scheme of treatment besides the zone of direct complain projection:
    • zones of direct projection of liver, pancreas, intestine; "Therapy" 77Hz mode, minimal or comfort energetic level;
    • "three paths" and "six points" zones; "MED" (or "Test") mode, search of asymmetry zones with their subsequent treatment in "Therapy"
    • zone of breastbone and anterolateral crurae surfaces on both legs; "Therapy" mode, minimal or comfort energetic level, the device is moved step by step;
    • segmentary ring zones in the region of the lower 1/3 of the chest; "Therapy" mode, minimal energetic level;
    • Su-Jok microcorrespondence zones;
    • every 3rd day one of gynecological zones is treated in women ­and scrotum zone in men;
    • adrenal glands zone is treated in a session.
Device treatment is continued until stabilization of condi­tion. Mean treatment course is 10-12 days.
to improve the treatment effect the use of Malavtilin Cream is mandatory.