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Main principles (recommendations mandatory for fulfillment while the device is used by the person without medical education)


NO complain — NO USE OF DEVICE. The necessity to begin the treatment with DENAS apparatus is defined NOT BY DI­AGNOSIS established at a hospital, but ALWAYS BY presence of a COMPLAIN caused by heart problems.

  • If you can avoid the use of DENS-therapy — DO NOT USE.
  • In case of cardiac complain appearance while the patient is in a public place, as well as in stout, elderly people and patients with arterial hypertension grade III, DENS-therapy should be be­gun with the treatment of heart micro-correspondence zone on patient's palms.

In case of pain syndrome in the cardiac region, especially with irradiation (spreading) into the left arm, epigastric and left subscapular regions, in case of pain behind the breastbone and feeling of compression with simultaneous difficult respiration, dyspnea­, anger and persistent anxiety which are not eliminated within
20 minutes, it is necessary to call the ambulance. Before the arrival of ambulace zones given below should be treated. On ambubulance ­ arrival it is mandatory to inform the doctors that you have used the device (as patient's general condition and ECG data always improve).