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Main principles.


  1. Device treatment should be always begun in presence of complain, but not in presence of diagnosis. In other words, DIAGNOSIS ­IS PRESENT, COMPLAINS ARE ABSENT — NO TREATMENT.
  2. If pain appeared acutely and suddenly, the pain is intolerable ­and nothing of the kind ever happened before; if pain is ac­companied by excessive sweating and shaking of the front stomach ­wall causes increase of pain — CALL THE AMBULANCE.
  3. If the pain is familiar for a long time, appears and disappears during a certain time — device treatment may be performed.
  4. Gastroenterological examination is mandatory. It is recom­mended to perform ultrasound investigation of abdominal cavity organs. If stones are found in the gallbladder but they do not cause complains, treatment in direct projection of the gallblad­der and in the right hypochondrium must not be performed.
  5. In case of ulcerous pathologic process stabilization of condition ­(scarring of the ulcer) should be established on the basis of endoscopic investigations (gastro endoscopy, colonoscopy, etc.).
  6. During DENS-therapy for acute attacks of chronic digestive organs diseases (course treatment) sparing diets may be gradu­ally enlarged since the 2nd-3rd day of treatment (according to WHO recommendations).
  7. Treatment in the direct projection of organ "presenting a com­ plain" should be continued until sufficient decrease or disappear­ance of the complain.
  8. Two thirds of total session time are spent in direct projection of organ "presenting a complain", if the complain has not disappeared, ­ but has decreased. One third of time is spent in other zones.
  9. In order to increase the efficacy of treatment and in necessi­ty of course treatment sessions are performed at a time formerly usual for complain  appearance. For example, if pain has always  appeared before meal, treatment should be also performed before  meal; if pain has appeared in the morning, treatment should be also performed in the morning.
  10. In a period of cholelithiasis attack the patient should take sitting position during the procedure.
  11. In case of spastic pains DENS-therapy in "Therapy" mode may sometimes increase the pain.