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Main principles


  1. For higher efficacy, all the zones of urinary organs direct projection ­are treated independently on the localization of pathological process (kidneys, or ureters, or urinary bladder, or urethra).
  2. Zones of urinary organs direct projection are always treated bilaterally, even if one kidney has been removed.
  3. Direction of device movement in zones of direct projec­tion is always along the urine flow, i.e. from top to bottom.
  4. In latent (asymptomatic, hidden) cases the course of pathologic process and established diagnosis of the disease the complains are: asthenia, ­fatigue, weakness, isolated pathologic changes of urine tests.
  5. Every next day the treatment should be performed accord­ing to the main complain presented by the patient that day.
  6. Treatment of direct projection of organ "presenting a com­plain" should take 2/3 of the whole session time. The rest 1/3 is spent for treatment of the other urinary organs.
  7. As the complain disappears, universal and other zones are included into the scheme of treatment according to indications.
  8. The patients should be followed up by nephrologists and urol­ogists.

According to objective data collected by Therapeutic and Con­sulting Center, DENAS MS Corporation, device treatment of kidneys and urinary tracts diseases always results in urine tests improvement, improves renal function and morpholog­ical status of the kidneys (which is confirmed by the results of dy­namic ultrasound investigation and scintigraphy).