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Main principles


  1. Before device treatment patient must certainly undergo gynecologic or mammologic investigation. Repeated testing is indicated in 1-2 months after finishing DENS-therapy.
  2. In acute inflammatory diseases treatment of complain is started every 2-3 hours until condition improvement (usually for 5-10 days).
  3. In chronic diseases treatment of complain begins. Then DENS-therapy is performed by courses associated with menstrual cycle: 7 days before menstruation and 7 days after menstruation stops. In case of complains absence and if the disease is characterized by absence of subjective painful symptoms (for example, sterility, re­current abortion, etc.) treatment may be begun according to the scheme: 7 days before menstruation and 7 days after.
  4. If there is a necessity to use the device during menstrua­tion, it is necessary to keep in mind possible timely strengthening of the bleeding.
  5. Women must be warned about increased possibility of preg­nancy. If it is not the aim of treatment, care should be taken of timely high-quality contraceptives use.
  6. Women should be warned about increase of libido.
  7. In women being in menopause menstruation may occur for 1 -2 days within 1 -2 cycles.
  8. In absence of any organ its direct projection should be nev­ertheless treated.
  9. In various diseases the same zones are treated.
  10. 10.  No more than 3 zones are treated during session (their choice is individual depending on desired effect). All the zones given ­above should not be treated at a time. Mode and exposure are chosen by operator.