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Main principles.


  1. If 90% of skin are involved in pathologic process, treatment should begin with healthy zones.
  2. If there is a focal skin lesion, treatment begins with an area:
    • not exceeding the area of two patient's palms;
    • disturbing the patient most of all (wetting, itching,­
      inflammation, etc.).
  3. In itching treatment is performed in "Therapy" 77Hz mode with max­imal energetic level until the relief of condition.
  4. In wetting skin the device is moved step by step; "Therapy" ­ mode, comfort energetic level, until the skin is dry.
  5. In inflammation symptoms the device is also moved step by step; constant mode, minimal or comfort energetic level, 10-20 minutes.
  6. In acute pathologic process and acute attack of chronic process ­at the beginning of treatment DENS-therapy sessions are performed several times per day, until stabilization of condition.
  7. In acute attack of chronic process after elimination of itch­ing and skin inflammation symptoms a course of device treat­ment is performed.

 Also see specific frequencies application in DiaDENS-PCM Instructions