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Post-stroke conditions, consequences of craniocerebral injuries and central nervous system infections


  1. One session per day is performed for 2-3 weeks. In positive dynamics, during 2nd and 3rd weeks sessions may be performed in a day or two.
  2. Within one session 1 to 3 zones of given below are treated:
  3. In quick positive dynamics within first 7 days and absence of possibility to continue device treatment sessions it is possible
    to discontinue the treatment and repeat the course in 2 months. If no positive dynamics is observed within 10 days, various energetic levels should be alternated and zones of general regulatory ­influence, zones of systemic effect strengthening, etc. should be added to the treatment scheme. If after 10 more days no posi­tive dynamics is achieved, a 10-days interval should be made and then treatment should be continued.
  4. "Shaven head" method. Hair on the head should be shaven off not less than 2-3 times a week. The device is moved along the head skin by the following imagined lines:
    • along the line of shaven hair growth;

  • along the line which begins at the bridge of the nose and ends in the region of the 2nd cervical vertebra;

  •  along the line passing over the vertex from ear to ear;

"MED" (or "Test") mode, then "Therapy" 77Hz mode is used with comfort energetic lev­el, 10-20 minutes.
If the location of cerebral lesion focus is known, zone of its direct projection is treated.

Sessions are performed daily for 10 days.