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  1. In unilateral pathological process treatment begins with the healthy side in "Test" or "MED" mode, moving the device from top to bot­tom.
    Treatment time makes 1/3 of the whole session time.
  2. Then the sick side is treated. "Therapy" mode, comfort ener­getic level, treatment duration makes 2/3 of the whole session.
  3. In bilateral inflammatory process treatment duration is di­vided equally. "Therapy" mode, comfort energetic level.
  4. If main complain is fever, at first DENS-therapy should be aimed at elimination of this symptom of the disease. 
  5. Other main daily complains are treated.
  6. Treatment of universal zones, lumbosacral zone, etc.
  7. In acute inflammation treatment is performed every 2 hours, when the condition is better — 1-2 times per day, mean session duration — 25- 40 minutes, course duration - 8-10 days or until restoration of the affected condition
  8. In chronic pyelonephritis it is better to begin device treat­ment in direct projection of urinary organs during an acute attack.
    After cessation of acute process 1 session is performed per day.

    Treatment course is 10-14 days. During remission period any oth­er appearing complain should be treated