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Radiculopathy may be observed in injury, osteochondrosis, etc. Choice of device treatment scheme depends on the complains, their location and degree.

  1. Depending on complain location, cervical, thoracic or lumbar ­part of the spine is treated ("Therapy" 77Hz mode, comfort or maxi­mal energetic level) and zone of direct projection of the complain until its sufficient decrease or disappearance.
  2. Presence of exteroceptive and proprioceptive trigger zones is defined (see Specific Tratment Zones) and these zones are treated in "Therapy" mode with maximal energetic level in mas­saging rotating (to both sides) motions for 5-10 minutes.
  3. !n presence of pain along the nerve (for example, ischiatic nerve) the principle of horizontal symmetry is used.
  4. "Two paths" (paravertebral) are treated in the region of pain; "Therapy" mode, minimal to maximal energetic level, 15-20 min­utes.
  5. For increasing of the effect painful zones should be treat­ed with Malavtiline 10-15 minutes prior to DENS-therapy ses­sion.
  6. It should be taken into consideration that after initial decrease of pain it may increase on the 2nd-3rd day since the beginning of  ENS-therapy. This is a natural course of the events, and pain  increase should not be afraid of. Treatment of this pain projection is continued several times per day with maximal energetic level until effect.
  7. Mean duration of treatment course is from 10 (cervical re­gion) to 20 (lumbar region) days.
  8. The principle of sufficient minimum of treated zones num­ber and treatment duration is adhered to.
  9. In discal hernia zone of its location is treated only paravertebrally; "Therapy" mode, comfort energetic level, 15-20 min­utes.
    Segmentary ring zone at this level is also treated for 2-3 weeks.