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Stroke. Emergency aid


  1. After appearance of the first symptoms the ambulance is called and treatment is begun at once.
  2. If the patient is left at home, the treatment is continued at home. If the patient is taken to a hospital, the treatment is contin­ued at the hospital.
  3. The first session must last no more than 20 minutes. Then every 1.5 hour the duration of treatment is increased by 10 min­utes, until session duration reaches 90 minutes.
  4. Within first 48 hours treatment is performed every 1.5 hour with an interval only for sleeping.
  5. At 3rd and 4th days treatment is performed 3-4 times daily, and patient's condition is usually normalized on the 7th day.
  6. Treatment zones at the first session:
    • zone of the 2nd cervical vertebra; "Therapy" 77Hz mode, comfort energetic level, 2-3 minutes;
    • zone of direct projection of carotid arteries; "Therapy" 77Hz mode, comfort energetic level, 2-3 minutes;
    • collar zone with respect of arterial pressure; "Therapy"  mode, comfort energetic level, 5-10 minutes;
    • if location of stroke focus is known, its direct projection on head skin is treated; "Therapy"  mode, comfort energetic level,
      6-10 minutes. The hair should be combed; if the patient is in grave condition, It is better to shave the hair off;
    • if speech is affected, the tongue is treated after pulling it out with a napkin; "Therapy" mode, minimal energetic level, 30- 40 sec­onds;
    • in paralysis and paresis of the limbs they are treated by tetrasymmetry principle. Estimation of patient's condition dynamics is mandatory.
  7. Since the second session treatment of universal zones, lumbosacral zone, adrenal glands zone, general regulatory influence zones are included in the scheme of treatment. No more than 3 zones should be treated within one session.