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On May 13th 2011 Derek Boogaard, professional NHL player, died from an accidental overdose of oxycodone at the age of 28. To overcome constant pain from multiple traumas  he was handed pills like they were Halloween candy to help deal with pain and injuries. When he was playing the 2008-09 season for the Minnesota Wild, the suit says, team doctors, dentists and others gave him over 40 prescriptions for a whopping 1,021 pills. He took Vicodin and Oxycodone for the pain, sometimes by the handful. Then he took Ambien to sleep at night.

And his story is just one of many of people involved in sports.

DENS-Therapy is indispensable for treatment of all sorts of traumas. It's proven by the numerous publications that DENS-Therapy application significantly accelerates the trauma healing and greatly reduces the suffering.
DENAS is  using the unique computer modulated BIOFEEDBACK reflex system. Biofeedback identifies factors, which block the body's natural healing processes and restores lost connection between the central nervous system and internal problems. Thus, Denas therapy makes the host defenses of the organism more active and switches on body's self recovery processes. Denas is one of the modern directions of reflex therapy and intended for using in many spheres of medicine as a part of complex treatment and as a mono-therapy.
Whether  the athlete is injured or is in training DENS-Therapy is improving his/her potentials for speedy recovery.
The simplicity of DENAS devices is making this method available for use by nay person without medical treatment and is completely safe from side effects.

By working on 3 levels- bio-chemical, bio-energetic and informational- DENAS/DiaDENS are stimulating the release of neuropeptides, thus generating natural healing hormones, clear and regulate neuro- and energy pathways and thus in the natural way enhance the regenerative capacity of the body in 2-4 times.

Anyone can get familiar with MAIN PRINCIPLES of device application.

  • In injuries (ecchymoses, contusions, strained ligaments, bones fractures, etc.) the results will be 4-5 times better in case of immediate device treatment then in delayed treatment (came home, ambulance arrived, addressed to DENS-practitioner, etc.).
  • After providing first aid with the device the limb should be fixed and the injured person should be taken to the emergency room.
  • In case of suspected bones fractures in zone of direct projection of the complain  the device is moved step by step only, otherwise dislocation of bone fragments is possible.
  • In acute pain first direct complain projection is treated in constant mode, then dozed mode is applied to the symmetrical area of the healthy limb
  • During a course of treatment after the acute period is over, treatment in dozed mode is performed first on healthy limb, then on the injured one.
  • Nailing osteosynthesis, artificial joint, Ilizarov's device are not contraindications for device treatment. DENS-therapy devices ­may be applied.
  • Treatment in zone of found fragments of any origin (wood, metal, glass, etc.) is possible.
  • Treatment of trigger zones is mandatory.
("Dozed" mode is corresponding to "Test" mode in DENAS device or MED in other devices, "Constant" mode is corresponding to "Therapy" mode.)