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Varicose of the lower limbs


  1. Device  treatment should not be performed for cosmetic purpose. In this case Malavtiline use is effective.
  2. In case of complains treatment is performed according to the scheme given below.

Within the first 4 days treatment is performed in:
  lumbosacral zone and zone "from umbilicus to pubis"

Dozed mode, search of asymmetry zones, constant mode, up to 20 minutes. Energetic level is minimal or comfort;

  • palm zones from fingertips to wrist joint;
  • feet zones from toe tips to ankle joint.

Since the 5th day treatment of the lower limbs is begun:

    • electrodes must be placed not on the veins, but only nearby the veins;
    • if varicose veins are found on one leg, 1/3 of treatment time in "MED" mode is spent for the healthy leg and 2/3 of time — in "Therapy" mode on the sick leg;
    • if varicose veins are found on both legs, of treatment time is spent for each leg in "Therapy" mode;
    • if varicose of deep veins is present, posterolateral crura surfaces are treated;
    • if varicose vein is seen (superficial), treatment is performed nearby the vein

    •  the device is moved on the sick leg from bottom to top see

    • treatment is performed in "Therapy" mode with comfort en­ergetic level, mean session duration is 20-25 minutes;
    • presence of trophic disorders on the sick limb (ulcers, etc.) should be considered as main complain. In this case zone of trophic disorders is treated first until effect, then treatment ­of the next main complain is begun.