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Zones of device treatment


Main treatment zones

  1. Zone of direct kidneys projection. Located on the back right and left to the spine, from 10th thoracic to 4th lumbar vertebra. The area of one kidney projection corresponds to the area of one patient's palm.

Treatment is performed in "MED" mode. In presence of asymmetry zones signs their dynamic development should be achieved by treatment in "Therapy"mode.

  1. Zone of direct urethras projection. The electrodes of device are smoothly moved along the skin from the back in a curved downward motion over the corresponding side towards zone of urinary bladder direct projection.

  1. Zone of urinary bladder direct projection. Located above the pubis on an area corresponding to area of one patient's palm .

Hair on the pubis and perineum are shaven off.

Additional treatment zones

  1. Pudendal lips or penis.
  2. Sacral zone. Occupies an area equal to the area of one patient's ­palm.
  3. Trigger zones and asymmetry zones.
  4. Universal zones.
  5. Microcorrespondence zones.
  6. Segmentary and reflexogenous zones.

In order to achieve maximal positive result in various diseases and in different patients, the zones should be combined individually.